Jennifer Smith


Jennifer Smith began getting noticed when her 101 Ideas fashion pages at Marie Claire became the most read pages in the magazine. From there she went to Lucky Magazine and enjoyed a six year tenure as Senior Fashion Editor, styling everything from the cover and main fashion pages to the portraits. Wanting to collaborate in new ways, Jennifer stepped into Cookie Magazine as the Fashion Director and began a love affair with styling children. She has collaborated with numerous photographers including:

Alex Freund
Amanda de Cadanet
Anna Palma
Art Streiber
Benoit Peverelli
Cass Bird
Cathrine Wessel
Christy Bush
Coliena Rentmeester
Deborah Jaffe
Dewey Nicks
Diego Uchitel
Emma Hardy
Eric Ogden
Findlay Mackay
Grace Huang
Guy Aroch
Jeff Mermelstein
Jennifer Livingston
Marc Hom
Mark Abrahams
Martyn Thompson
Mary Ellen Mark
Matthew Hranek
Matt Jones
Mei Tao
Mel Karch
Michael Waring
Nick & Chloe
Paul Westlake
Pamela Hanson
Rebecca Greenfield
Stewart Shining
Tamara Schlessinger
Tierney Gearon

*photo credit: Mary Ellen Mark


  • fashion editor/stylist